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About Us

TREEMEC is an engineering company that aims to produce in harmony with the experience and power it receives from its roots, to grow by renewing and to be beneficial.

It provides product supply, project design, service and maintenance services on Heating, Cooling and Ventilation (HVAC).
TREEMEC aims to be an engineering bridge between our country and the countries of the world, like the tree that unites the sky and the earth.

[ Our Look to the Future ]

Our Philosophy

By producing environmentally friendly, world-class, energy efficient and competitive products; We strive to leave more comfortable spaces and a cleaner world to the society we live in.


To be one of the leading global companies in the sector by steadily increasing our experience with our engineering experience, innovative products that follow the technology and our sustainable structure.

our vision

We believe in the importance of reliability and honesty for sustainable success. We always take care to be honest and fair with a sense of responsibility towards our customers and sectoral stakeholders with whom we create value.

Our policy
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[ Our quality policy]
  • Working without forgetting to respect nature and the environment.
  • To give utmost importance to occupational health and safety.
  • To be transparent and measurable to increase service quality.
  • To give importance to activities that will increase customer satisfaction.
  • To value young people and the future for a sustainable structure.
  • To attach importance to ethical values and to continue activities with this principle.
  • To carry out activities to contribute to the development of the sector.
  • To be open to education, innovation and technology in order to increase the quality of service.
  • To supply systems and products that are certified in accordance with international standards.
  • To ensure that energy is consumed less by researching and developing innovative technologies.

“We carry our values with each new day and our values guide our communication with each other, with our customers and with the society.”

  • Security
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Social Responsibility
  • Integrity and Reliability
  • Equality, Sensitivity and Tolerance
  • Openness to Change, Development, Innovation
  • Compliance with Institutional Legislation, National and International Laws